Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Secret to a Contented life

If to live a simply life, one must have contentment how do you get that? This is part of
(Any grammar teachers out there please be gentle if you need to correct me:}

The word content can be a verb, a noun or an adjective.
As a verb, " accept as adequate despite wanting something more or better".  I was content to eat less.  Maybe if I say that 100 times I will believe it!  This is a contentment that comes with maturity.  But, no matter how mature you are it can be hard to stay content when life gets hard.
Content as a noun, "a state of happiness or satisfaction".  Contentment is being with my grandchildren.  This is a contentment based on circumstances.  It works when the object of my contentment is pleasing to me, such as my babies who I adore!
Do you want contentment that isn't contingent on you being mature or having circumstances that are pleasing to you?
Now listen please to the definition of content as an adjective, "in a state of peaceful happiness or satisfaction"  Now how do you get to that kind of place?  I believe this happens when you know that the God who created the universe, spoke every star into being, who is all good, all knowing, all wise, this GOD Loves You!

During my course of Bible study over the past week I heard someone say,
To the degree that you believe that God loves you, that is to the degree that you will be able to trust Him.
In checking this out you might want to read Jeremiah 31:3 and 1John 4:19
Contentment comes from letting God fill the empty space in our hearts with His perfect love.  Do you trust Him to do that?

Thank you for stopping by and reading my thoughts, come back soon Erin
 (contentment definitions found in Oxford University Press)


Diana Bauman said...

I so needed this Erin. Thank you for His word! Diana - A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa

Erin said...

Thank you Diana Have a great week end Erin

Melanie said...

I know you posted this while ago, but I truly enjoyed reading this!! I've had an index card (now yellowing) on my fridge for the past 25 years that says, "He that's content hath enough-He that complains has too much!" Contentment is a choice... it is a choice to NOT compare, it is a choice to NOT complain, it is a choice to allow God to give and take away and still trust! What a beautiful post you've written! Thanks! Melanie

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