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Contentment and living a Simpler life
This is part of Simple lives Thursday,

I’ve recently been organizing my home, that is a joke I’m always organizing!  Trying to get the stuff in my life to fit into the space in my life and home.  Yes into the space of my life, time energy and resources.  Also the physical space of my home, what out, what in storage such as closets and boxes.  Although I desire to be in God’s will I’m also so attracted to the variety of “many good things”!

Finding a treasure,
 While sorting through my knitting patterns last month, I came upon  Grandma’s hand written  afghan, coat hanger and slipper patterns.  What a precious find amongst my clutter! She was content to use just a few patterns, shared from her friends to make all of her lovely hand knit gifts of love. The only variety found in her knitting , all the beautifully chosen colors.    She could make those items in her sleep, maybe that is why she could finish so many hand made gifts.

I had a  box of knitting magazines, another stack of knitting books and a number of knitting sites  bookmarked on my computer.  With all of these resources , yet very few completed projects. Maybe I have to many choices?  Maybe I’d get more done if I was content to narrow down my choices?

Yikes, maybe I’d get more done if I narrowed down my craft categories, my cookbooks, my....

I pray, God what does this mean God.  God  help me use my space and time the way you want me to use it.  As I sat quietly amongst my stuff in my spirit I heard God say, share some of this stuff.  You don’t need it all to do my work.  God wants me to do even more of this, give it away.  Eliminate and concentrate.  Be content.

 If I’m not content with what God desires to be my possessions, space, life, then there is no gain in my trying to live a godly life.   “But, godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment” 1Timothy 6:6 
Has God  spoken to you in the area of being content with fewer choices  as part of your journey to live a simpler life?  Thank you for taking the time to read my post, may it be a blessing to you.

Come back tomorrow to read  The Secret to being content


.ambre. said...

Thanks for sharing!We are in the midst of "purging" our belongings in order to live more simply to be more available to God. It's hard though!

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