Friday, May 22, 2009

Fruit Trees and Berry plants

I am so happy I just read that the two peach trees that we planted called, Suncrest are freestone. I forgot to think about that when we purchased them. I like to eat a freestone peach and I esp. like to work with one when baking or freezing them. Also I just read that they will blossom even if there is cold temps. That's a good thing living in the Oregon Coast where our springs can be as cool as say California's winter.
We have also planted strawberries this spring. Most are called June bearing berries. The boysenberries are looking very good with lots of blossoms ready to open. The dogs are already check on them so we will see who gets most of the fruit again this year. Last year they didn't ever get very sweet. I think this was due to cool temps. This more sour berry didn't stop our two labs from tasting them, actually they got more than we did and I don't' want that to happen again.
The third berry just started in our yard is our blueberry row. I planted early and mid season blue berries. I will put their names in a later post. The third kind of blueberry that I planted are an evergreen kind of bush. They grow lower and I believe have smaller berries. They look more like a huckleberry to me. All the kinds of berries are suppose to have very pretty foliage in the fall which is when next years berries begin.
I plan to continue journaling here about my berries. If you happen by and have an interest in growing berries, I'd love to hear from you.


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