Sunday, February 1, 2009

Treasures or just stuff?
I am going through drawers and closets de cluttering my home. Many of you girls are doing this to get ready for a new baby or so that you can be more efficient home school Moms. I’m at a little different spot. My children are grown and I’m a grandma. But really at the heart of it we aren’t so different. We want to be able to do the business that God has given us to do in the most efficient way possible.
I’m working on a guest bedroom. A room where I keep a lot of treasures, seasonal stuff, family memorabilia etc. Are these things treasures? . Wanting to be wise I had prayed asking God to give me insight into what of this stuff do you think I need to keep and what should I get rid of? He brought to my mine the story of a rabbit cookie cutter.
When I was a little girl my grandmother always made her famous sour cream sugar cookies for all the holidays. Stars at Christmas, hearts for Valentines but the most special were the bunnies that she would make at Easter. Each bunny carefully had a red hot candy placed for the eye and a small marshmallow for the tail. I’m 50 so this has been a while ago!
When my grandmother died the only thing that all her grandchildren wanted was that cookie cutter! My grandmother was a very special lady. She was always knitting and I’m lucky to have her knitting basket. She went to church every Sunday and I’m also lucky to have her Bible. But because she shared the cookie cutter with us, letting us help her make the cookies, that was what we all wanted. Having it would help us hold onto the memory of being with her.
So as I go thru my spare room. With boxes of Christmas decorations, drawers of pictures, boxes holding hand embroidered pillow cases made from grandmothers no longer with us I wonder will my kids and grand kids want any of this? What will be special to them? I know for sure it won’t be special to them if its been sitting away in a box or drawer and we have never looked at it or used it together. So I’m encouraged to get rid of the junk, pull out the treasures. But mostly build memories with my family. Its not the stuff it’s the memories.
The spare bedroom I’m getting ready is for my grand kids to live in while their family is house hunting. My son in law is in the Coast Guard and being stationed 3 ½ hours away!! I want to have lots of time to garden with my grandson and get to know his soon to be one year old sister better. So out with the clutter and in with the fun!

Sugar Cookies
mix ingred into a large bowl
2 cups sugar creamed with 1 cup shortening (can be half shortening/half butter)
1 cup sour cream that you've dissoved 1 tsp. of baking soda in first
2 eggs, 1 tsp. of vinlla and 1 Tb. lemon juice
add 6 cups of flour
chill dough. Roll dough out thin for crisp cookies a little thicker for soft cookies
cut with cookie cutters or a glass dipped in flour
bake at 375 for 10-12 min.
You can sprinkle sugar on the cookies before baking or ice them after they've cooled.


Elder Family said...

What a wonderful, inspiring post. I am 30 and have one small child. Last week as I was de-cluttering and thinking about whether things were "blessings" in our home, I realized that I needed to use some of our "good" things. I got out some wedding gifts (weeks after our 5th anniversary) and started using them and I've committed to using my husband's grandmother's china at least once this month. Maybe for Valentine's day I'll fix a nice meal, serve it on the china and light candles in the crystal candle holders that I've never used either.

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